JUDr. Dalibor Gruza Ph.D. - ucetni a podnikovy pravnik - accountant and firm lawyer

český jazyk/ working English language/ deutsche Arbeitssprache/ langue française de travail/ рабочий русский язык
(účetní a firemní právník/ accountant and firm lawyer/ Buchhalter und Firmenjurist/ tenuer de livres et juriste de firme/ бухгалтер и фирменный юрист)

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Online bookkeeping and firm lawyer (Czech Republic: Hustopeče, Brno, Břeclav, Velké Pavlovice, Mikulov, Pohořelice, Židlochovice)

Benefits of online bookkeeping and firm lawyer (special offer of cheap accounting services for small firms - corporations and natural persons /OSVČ/)

1) High expertise and reliability and my personal unlimited property responsibility as natural person for supplied accountant services.

2) My sufficient insurance of responsibility for supplied accountant services.

3) Accountant printing reports you permanently have by you on your computer in form of files secured by cryptography and password, therefore it is not anytime problem to go over to other accountant firm with ensuring continuity of supplied accounting services, it is secured at the most a risk of loss or misuse of accountant reports, that are still in your firm under your personal control by means of cryptography and password, therefore you need not to rely on faithfulness and expert care of third parties as at web - based access to bookkeeping of your firm.

4) Online commercial accounting services through invoice and work of firm lawyer I supply cheaply . I supply the work of firm lawyer by means of encrypted email (see below) and phone according to agreement to complete a job, which is on principle without State health and social insurance paid by employer.

How does it work

1) You will perform free download of coding and password program of .pdf files PDFMate Free PDF Merger High Security PDF encrypter by for microsoft windows reputable vendor Anvsoft Inc. either HERE or on https://www.pdfmate.com/free-pdf-merger.html . 2) You will scan in .pdf format the documents, that you require to bring to book.

3) By the help of above - mentioned coding and password program you will encrypt and secure opening of .pdf file/s with accounting documents by prearranged "open password" in above - mentioned program PDFMate Free PDF Merger by reason of GDPR.

4) You will send us accounting documents in .pdf format on our email daliborgruza@czechlawfirm.com .

5) We will process documents at the latest into 10 days from their delivery.

6) By this time we will send you on your arranged email the appropriate accountant reports as book of accounts, day book, tax declarations, book closing etc. encrypted and secured by prearranged "open password" in above - mentioned program PDFMate Free PDF Merger.


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