JUDr. Dalibor Gruza Ph.D. - ucetni a podnikovy pravnik - accountant and firm lawyer

český jazyk/ working English language/ deutsche Arbeitssprache/ langue française de travail/ рабочий русский язык
(účetní a firemní právník/ accountant and firm lawyer/ Buchhalter und Firmenjurist/ tenuer de livres et juriste de firme/ бухгалтер и фирменный юрист)

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About me (Czech Republic: Hustopeče, Brno, Břeclav, Velké Pavlovice, Mikulov, Pohořelice, Židlochovice)

Accountant firm (special offer of cheap accounting services for small firms - corporations and natural persons /OSVČ/)

A substantial part of my work included co-operation in the field of bankruptcy law. In the year 2009 within exam of bankruptcy trustee organized by the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic I successfully graduated also the exam from accounting and after it from the year 2009 to the year 2016, when I permanently administered bankruptcy as far as of 104 debtors, I administered to many of these debtors within legal prescriptions of the Czech Republic as well book - keeping, to both natural and legal persons.

On the present I attend within my complex business services also to bookkeeping of different natural and legal persons, I have special offer of cheap accounting services for small firms - corporations and natural persons /OSVČ/, see above cheap prices.


Firm lawyer

I attended to legal profession from the mid-1990’s, when I co-operated with the Prague law office of JUDr. George Lajcik. At that time I deeply devoted mainly to criminal law while defending clients accused mostly of heavy premeditated criminal acts with sentencing guidelines at intervals of 5-12 years. I continued my work in this field of law as well, when I make an effort to achieve a settlement statement with an aggrieved person.

My practical experience from several years of activity in the legal profession in the Czech Republic, my external co-operation with the association of the Czech lawyers VŠEHRD in the juridical faculty in Prague, I mean mainly my publication activities in the periodical of the association and my solid knowledge of English language and foreign law, based on the foreign study stay in the juridical faculty of the university in Tel Aviv, created a starting set of theoretic information for my graduation of the scientific doctor studies in the juridical faculty of the Charles University and the receipt of the scientific title Ph.D.

Since 1999 I have co-operated with the Czech - Slovak law offices, operating a network of affiliates in Prague, and Bratislava.  I act in the place of my domicile in Hustopeče. Within the scope of the above-mentioned co-operation I was engaged in civil and business-law agenda, mainly in judicial proceedings of the Register of Companies referring entries of legal entities and natural persons and changes of such entries. I was also engaged in legal relations in real property field, like transfers of lots and buildings, establishment of mortgages, easements and servitudes to the real property, as well as legal obligations like recovery of claims and liability for damage from contracts and other injurious conduct


Selected information on our specialisation

The phenomenon of the third millennium – an information explosion, wide availability of data bases on the internet including economic e-mail communication need complex modernisation of office, communication and electronic technologies, enabling network inter - connection and their compatibility. I consider this fact to be one of our benefits for actual, fast and well available accountant services for my clientel.

The basic range and forms of my accounting services and of my work of firm lawyer are set by the legislation applicable in the Czech Republic, the unconditional acceptance of which is a must.  

I am primarily engaged in commercial accounting services (including consultations) and in the work of firm lawyer accoording to the labour law. I supply the work of firm lawyer according to agreement to complete a job, which is on principle without State health and social insurance paid by employer.

In the sphere of these activities I co-operate with selected tax consultants, the private executor's office, attorneys at law and notaries.

I undertake for my employers (directly or via the cooperating companies) the actual contact legal business with the local and central administration, with courts of all instances, embassies, chambers of commerce as well as contacts with competent certified experts.

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