JUDr. Dalibor Gruza Ph.D. - ucetni, podnikovy pravnik, mediator dluhu - accountant, debt mediator

český jazyk/ working English language/ deutsche Arbeitssprache/ langue française de travail/ рабочий русский язык
(accountant, firm lawyer and the debt mediator)

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Prices (Czech Republic: Hustopeče, Brno, Břeclav, Velké Pavlovice, Mikulov, Pohořelice, Židlochovice)

* I am not VAT payer

1/ Accounting services

Special offer of cheap accounting services for small firms - corporations and natural persons (OSVČ): For small annual number of accounting documents it is possible to contract individual lump sum for bookkeeping. For example for 40 pieces of accounting documents for year including income tax declaration (if necessary also financial statements) in case of bookkeeping 4000 CZK / year and in case of tax evidence 2000 CZK / year.

I have individual contract prices for a larger number of accounting documents.

Basic price list of commercial monthly accountant lump sums through invoice

PRICE LIST OF TAX EVIDENCE (formerly single entry bookkeeping)
- lump sum for tax evidence of VAT no payer (<100 items)  2000, CZK / quarter 
- lump sum for tax evidence of VAT payer (<40 items.)  1500, CZK / month 

PRICE LIST OF BOOKKEEPING (formerly double entry bookkeeping)
- lump sum (<40 items) for bookkeeping VAT no payer - 1500, CZK / month  
- lump sum (<40 items) for bookkeeping VAT payer - 2000, CZK / month  

- takeover of post letters, that is intended for corporate agents - 200, CZK / month  
- takeover of accounting documents from contractors - according to agreement

Over prepaid number of accounting items the price of bringing to books of every other accounting item (line in accounting diary) is 15,00 CZK (tax evidence) and 20,00 CZK (bookkeeping) / accounting item.

Bookkeeping including statement of profits and losses, balance - sheet.

Basic price list of separated commercial services of representation before autorities, of bookkeeping elaboration and of accountant counseling through invoice

300, CZK apiece for initiated hour of accountant counseling (lump sum clients see above have basic accountant counseling gratis) and of representation before autorities 

300, CZK apiece for initiated hour of one time elaboration of bookkeeping


Travelling expenses

12, CZK / km


2) Mediator services for insolvent debtors for 150, CZK apiece and for creditors of bad claims for 300, CZK apiece, both for intiated hour of work,

I am involved IN ADDITION WITH THE CHARITY TO MEDIATE GRATIS SETTLEMENT OF DEBTS also in relation to coronavirus pandemic.


3) As firm lawyer I work within labour law contract.


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